Our Services

Where appropriate we work as your "virtual back office" and where desired we appear as independent specialists.

Accounting Support

Want to reduce compliance costs? We have programmed accounting questionnaires for audits, reviews and compliance engagements. With these questionnaires, your staff sees only relevant questions based on input. Sensitive issues are flagged by who should deal with them. You can even have default correspondence triggered by input to compliance questionnaires.

Want to set-up a procedure for a client in an industry new to you - we likely have a template and procedures designed for that - or can design them for you economically.

Accounting Supplement: efficiency tools to reduce labour costs of file prep

  • programmed questionnaires for review and audit engagements

  • ratio analysis with ability to customize comments

  • ability to import client records for ratio analysis monthly

  • Electronic review on demand **

  • Custom programmed questionnaires on request, e.g. questionnaires for firm niche market

Accounting Software Support: Support for firm and clients

  • time and billing systems including year-end monitoring and scheduling

  • integration of software packages

  • caseware / caseview / excel / tax software e.g. reports

  • software selection, customization and implementation


  • Business Planning

Eighty-four percent of Canada's fastest growing companies have a formal business plan and update it several times a year. Do you have an effective plan?Business in today's world is fast-paced, increasingly complex, and intensely competitive. To succeed, you need a strategic road map that will guide your around hurdles and help identify and capture market opportunities.

Get practical advice that anticipates the business, financial, organizational, technological, and cultural demands of your clients' current and future endeavours.

Once the planning stage is complete, we then help you implement the strategies. Implementation might involve developing a more effective corporate structure, supplementing your management team, obtaining financing, managing your public offering, or completing acquisitions or sales.

If your company already has a financial plan in place, we can provide an objective and independent review to ensure that your plan is clearly focused on initiatives that will achieve your financial and operational goals.

  • Incubation

We supply strategic and tactical consulting to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market. We have experience in a broad range of industries, and understand what it takes to launch a successful venture in today's North American marketplace.

Our incubation services include:

  • Business strategy development & implementation

  • Recommendations on organizational structure

  • Recommendations on capital structure

  • Recruitment of key management and board personnel

  • Technology consulting>

  • Private funding

Mercana Growth Partners

Income Tax

We provide you with the best virtual tax Partner a CA firm can have. Your virtual tax partner:

  • Communicates by phone

  • Communicates by email

  • Is available for key meetings you schedule

  • Deals with lawyers and other professionals to save you time

  • Delivers on time and on budget

  • Provides your correspondence on your letterhead or his as appropriate

  • Proactively plans for key clients you identify

  • Implements not just recommends strategies

Always current and innovative, your virtual tax Partner will use his knowledge to keep your clients happy and referring other work to you.


We can work with you to reduce the number of surprises that come up later:

  • using computerized check lists to assist in tax compliance on files you select as having special concern,

  • to perform "corporate tax checkups" to identify issues before your client hears of an idea

  • assist in designing and reviewing documents supporting corporate reorganizations

  • assist in responding to CRA audits


For non-routine areas, we can help you design/review any transactions that have or should have a "tax flavour". These include

  • buying / selling a business

  • corporate reorganizations - designing / reviewing

  • corporate finance - maximize tax efficiency to reduce investor risk or optimizing access to RRSP funds

  • estate planning strategies - designing / reviewing

  • shareholder agreement reviews - life insurance buy-sells, etc.

  • will review (e.f. family law and tax issues)

Estate Planning

At one level, we can review draft wills and provide comments to you - at another we can work with you and your client to design an estate plan to accomplish their economic goals while minimizing any taxes payable.


In addition to strictly Canadian tax issues, we can assist you with cross-border tax planning and can work with non-Canadian specialists where appropriate. You can select the non-Canadians or we can do that for you after we have helped you and your clients.

  • identify compliance obligations for clients with U.S. customers and/or operations

  • plan for expansion into the U.S.

  • identifying when using Barbados SRLs, Irish corporations can reduce tax burden of corporate group

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We have earned a solid reputation in the area of crisis management and management of change to facilitate a company's turnaround to profitability.

Specializing in steering clients through unpredictable times when new and unfamiliar events occur, Thomson Associates provide the know-how to enable clients to deal with difficulties arising from financial issues, the necessity of raising monies, poor sales and marketing, new product introduction or new competitors.

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