Specialty Areas

Corporate Development

We provides short and long term strategic planning and leadership to ensure our client's continuing stability and profitability.

We counsel boards of directors and CEOs on strategy and tactics, advise boards of directors regarding corporate governance, and nominate directors and board committee members.

Corporate Finance

We work with two leading firms providing corporate finance and consulting. Our teams specialize in providing corporate finance expertise and management leadership to businesses.

We can help your clients by providing the critical guidance required by corporations to successfully steer though crisis and towards positive growth

  • improve their market performance.

  • launching a new venture

  • looking to secure financing

  • review or develop a strategic business plan

  • buy a new company or sell an old one

  • provide sound business advice


From First phase financing for fledgling enterprises looking to get off the ground or a more established business needing short and long term financing, private placements of debt and equity, Initial Public Offerings (IPO), Reverse Takeovers (RTO), leasing (both on and off-balance sheet), our specialists can help.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and strategic alliances are often an effective way to refocus an organization. We provide full transaction management for such deals. These services include:

  • Project management and leadership

  • Identification and contact of target

  • Feasibility studies and financial modeling

  • Deal and corporate structuring

  • Due diligence reviews

  • Contract negotiations and documentation

  • Post transaction planning and implementation

Check out our two specialists from the following firms:

Tax Services - Technology and Attitude to be Pro-active

Maximizing the percentage of what they get to keep out of what they make makes clients that. You can help clients will keep more of their profits by helping them both avoid mistakes and maximize use of planning opportunities. This is increasingly more complex for clients, especially those that have customers outside of Canada.

We succeed by being the best virtual tax Partner a CA firm can have. We spend the time and energy to be current with tax knowledge and make sure advice is never wrong. We use technology to help you keep your clients happy - referring more business to you. We do all of that and you only pay for the services you want, when you want them. We provide you with a "safe pair of hand" where you pay only a percentage of what you bill the clients and only after you have collected from the client.

With our network of experts, most of whom have decades of experience, you can be assured of years of relevant experience being applied to any problem or opportunity with which you need help. By minimizing the "recreating the wheel" we strive to achieve cost-effective support for your practice.

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